Sports : Arsenal Akpom crashes £60,000 Range Rover while drunk

Arsenal starlet Chuba Akpom at around 4.50am on the morning of December 17, was

reported to have smashed a fence and furniture with his £60,000 Range Rover after
losing control of his car and mounting a grass verge near his home in Barnet, North
Following the incident, the 22 year old footballer has been banned from driving after
investigations shows that the crash was as a result of him being drunk on a concoction
of ‘vodka and cranberry juice.’
The British-born Nigerian was said to have been given a breath test after the Police
followed the trail of destruction showing he was above the legal limit, he was
thereafter taken to police station and later charged with drink driving.
Meanwhile, the player’s father, after discovering the wreckage the following morning,
had feared his son had been kidnapped.
However, the young lad allayed those concerns by eventually returning home safe in a
taxi. But at Willesden Magistrates Court on Monday he was fined £9,350, with £85
costs and disqualified from driving for 17 months after admitting driving the Range
Rover with more than double the legal limit of alcohol in his system.
“His father woke up later and found the crashed car outside the gate with no driver
and for a moment he was seriously concerned about what had happened to his son,”
Akpom’s lawyer Aki Achillea told the court.
“He was about to ring hospitals and the police, fearing his son, being a high-profile
footballer, had been abducted so this has affected the family as well.
“He has let himself down and made a dreadful mistake for a boy that has always been
so disciplined.”
The episode was said to have resulted from a night out party with friends in London.
Prosecutor Zahid Hussain told the court that, “His driving was erratic and he was
observed by an off-duty police officer. He was parallel to a Shell petrol station and
lost control, mounting the grass verge.”