Sports : Trophies makes a club ‘big’ – Guardiola

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City must match Manchester United and Liverpool by
winning trophies in order to become one of the game’s giantsand dazzling football is
not enough.
The Premier League leaders maintained their relentless charge in four competitions by
edging past Burnley in the Saturday FA Cup tie.
City, obviously is now eyeing a place in the League Cup final as they host
Championship side Bristol City in the first leg of their semi-final on Tuesday.
“A win helps to win more, then we are there, going to go to London to play the final,”
said the City manager.
“It’s important (to win trophies). To become a big club like the teams I have faced, or
teams like (Manchester) United or Liverpool, with a really big history, you have to
“Nobody can take away what we have lifted so far, the pleasures from this team of the
last three or four months, they belong to us. In the process, when you live in good
moments, I say to the players, ‘Enjoy it’. It is so complicated it may not happen again.
“But after, of course, to give real value to what we have done so far, what we are
going to do in the future, you have to lift the titles. Without that, it’s OK, it’s good, but
not enough.”
The former Bayern Munich manager amidst his elated feelings was pleased to see
Leroy Sane back on the score sheet in the 4-1 victory against Burnley.
Recall, that the 21 year old winger has been out of action since October and Guardiola
feels he still has much to do to reach his full potential.
“He has a special talent,” said Guardiola. “Of course it was important to score another
goal. We need his goals, but also his assists, crosses, how he defends backwards.
“He made a lot of very good things but at 21, 22 years old I met only one player in my
life at that age who knew absolutely everything and he could do absolutely
everything. The other guys have many, many things to improve, and Leroy