Event Details

HDI Youth Marketers, a youth and family marketing agency in collaboration with the Institute for National Transformation (INT), a non governmental organization with a vision to develop value-based, leadership with exceptional skill to transform families, organizations, communities and nations, aim to drive the message of STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION AND EMPOWERMENT (STEP) through MUSIC; one of the strongest Pillars of Youth Culture.
Nigeria is a youthful country with almost 60 percent of the population being below 25 years. No doubt, the importance of youths cannot be downplayed in national transformation Agenda, more importantly, because they have a much higher stake in the future of Nigeria.
STEP UP NAIJA is a unique musical platform conceived to galvanize youths into the national transformation Agenda, a vision that INT has spent the last 10 years nurturing. 
Step Up Naija is designed to sell the vision of National Transformation to the Nigerian Youths, get their “buy-in”, inspire them to be part of the process and get them involved, towards a brighter future for all, but more importantly for themselves.  
It’s time to Step Up the Transformation Agenda in Nigeria and get the Youths involved in this destiny changing Vision and the process of actualizing it.