News : Entertainment – It’s a Joke That I Will Contest For Presidency – Igwe 2pac

Popular Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, popularly known as Igwe 2pac, declared his presidential ambition via a video recording in the course of the week.

Meanwhile, following his declaration, his fans thought that he had keyed into the ‘Not-Too-Young-to-Run’ movement and expressed their support for him. However, Okocha has come out to say that his action was meant to gauge the reaction of the people.

He said, “I was just kidding around with the video skit when I said I wanted to become the president and that I would lead with swag. I actually have no intention to become president, at least for now.

“There were a lot of interesting reactions when the video was released and I’m still observing what people are saying about it. If a lot of people call on me to run for president, then I would have no choice but to do that.”

In response to whether he has what to rule the country with,
Okocha said, “Of course. All it takes is integrity and a genuine willingness to serve. We all know the areas that we need change in this country and if those things are honestly tackled, things would be much better.
“Some of us travel out of this country and we see how well things are going in other climes. I really want to see Nigeria becomes great again and I wouldn’t shy away from contributing my quota.”

Responding to insinuations that his music career is comatose at the moment, Igwe 2pac stated, “That is very far from the truth. I recently released a new song and it was well received.

“However, because of my movie career, I am not able to devote as much time to my music. I have big plans and very soon, you would hear about them.”