QUBES FASHION: Autumn/Winter presentations ‘Seasons’ official schedule announced

The presentation series is entitled ‘Seasons’ is an ode to the metamorphosis of the African fashion industry and its emerging talents.

Lagos Fashion Week (formerly known as Lagos Fashion and Design Week) is a multi-day fashion week held in Lagos, Nigeria. This year’s Autumn/ Winter presentations entitled ‘Seasons’ will take place 23th-25th March and the official schedule has been released.

The A/W presentations, which was introduced last year, speaks to African designers who are already creating collections for both traditional fashion seasons of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and are seeking a global audience and customer base.

It also speaks to Lagos Fashion Week’s commitment to catalysing the African Fashion industry ecosystem and providing greater avenues for commercial success for designers based on the continent.

The Presentation series is entitled ‘Seasons’  – an ode to the metamorphosis of the African fashion industry, the emerging talents, key industry purveyors, the systems and structures, required to lead it to its promise land – a robust industry gravely impacting lives and the African economic landscape.

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