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Success cake master, Tosan Jemide, has announced that he will unveil his new book, titled Sugar Icing next month, which aims at telling his successful journey.

The unveiling of the book said to be part of the activities marking his retirement at 50.
The founder of Cakes by Tosan, who is well popular for his feat as the maker of ‘the tallest cake’, and he is also expected to open a school, as part of the new projects he is focusing on. He also wants
to mentor younger hands.
He noted in a statement that he was grateful for the many opportunities he had received over the past two decades. He said that he called the “new phase” of Tosan Jemide, which will be referred to as CBT Impact, focused on giving back to society and mentoring Nigeria’s next generation of cake masters.
He said, “I am not retiring into oblivion. I may become even busier with some of the new projects we will be embarking on over the next few months and years.
“The whole idea is to help the new generation of entrepreneurs and professional bakers to be better at what they do by instituting a new and minimum standard for excellence in the industry.”
He added that he owed his success in part to the formalised training that he received as a young baker in the United Kingdom and that, even though he faced several challenges as a rising star, he never lost hold of the fundamentals.
“I think it is the same for every industry. Those who subject themselves to exacting standards and maintain them through the years always endure, no matter the weather.
“And so when you hear all the nice things being said about Cakes by Tosan today, it is mainly because we have refused to compromise on excellence,” he said.
This, he said, was what he hoped to bring about through the CBT Impact project to be unveiled in April. As a master icing expert and cake decorator, Jemide is best known for building the iconic “Tallest Cake in Africa,” a 28-foot masterpiece unveiled in 2013 to global recognition and acclaim. He has also made cakes for many members of Nigerian elite, while enjoying wide patronage from individuals of all classes.
More recently Jemide has taken to bread-making, and is currently the President of the Premium Breadmakers Association of Nigeria. He is also the Managing Director of Topcrust Bakeries.