QUBES FASHION: Naomi Campbell and Imaan Hammam visit the magical Dream Catchers dancers

Their dance video went viral earlier this month and now these talented children received a surprise visit from these two international supermodels.
Naomi Campbell is known for her amazing modelling skills but also her commitment to worthy causes and children in particular. Earlier in the year, the Dream Catchers went viral with their mesmerising dance skills and were re-posted by celebrities all over the world including Rihanna. Naomi Campbell and Imaaan Hammam decided to pay the magical Dream Catchers dancers a special visit.

Dream Catchers shot to fame with a video of them dancing in a disused school bus. Dream Catchers, which is made up of 10 children, seven girls and three boys have been dancing together since November 2014.
According to their social media bio, they are street kids from Ikorodu.
“Dance puts us in school and off the streets,” it says. The kids and their 26-year-old instructor, Seyi Oluyole, were recently nominated for the Best Creative Social Enterprise Award via African Creative Exhibition and Awards.

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