QUBES FASHION: Introducing the luxury fashion blogger taking over Instagram

With her enviable, high-end wardrobe and luxurious lifestyle, it’s no wonder Sai Sankoh is the influencer everybody is talking about.With a staggering 27k followers on Instagram, Sai Sankoh is undoubtedly one of the popular Instagram fashion influencers. Her style is elegant, stylish and very expensive. Here, we introduce to you the luxury fashion blogger taking over Instagram.

The luxe fashionista possesses the rare ability to make even the simplest of ‘fits look like a million bucks. With her impeccable use of colour and effortless elegance, Sai is in a league of her own. The blogger, who is originally from Sierra Leone but, is based in Dallas, Texas, thrills her multitude of Instagram followers with her amazing photos.

From monochromatic wonders to her signature fluffy adornments, she never fails to inspire. From the flawless photography to her confidence which literally oozes through the screen, it’s no wonder, everyone has their eye on Sai.

@pameladennisnewyork gown #nudist sandals

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