Faleye Kitan

Ah! Ah!! UHHHHH!… baby.. To the loud moans, He woke up, gazed at his digital clock right beside him, it was incisively 12:06AM, around the same time He wakes up to such perturbing activity. He looked to his left where his significant other laid, to see if she was also disturbed by the disconcerting sound, and just as he expected all he saw again was a rumpled duvet  with no body on it. It has only been two weeks into their relationship so he refused to let the many thoughts be visually premiered in his head as to why he keeps waking up to the absence of the woman he truly loves, at 12:06 and with a disturbing sound. 
He got up from the bed determinedly assuring himself all these drama had to end tonight, So he had to tranquilize his movement to give whoever no reason to suspect his coming, As he walked towards the moanful scene, He tried to be realistic to himself concerning the situation that he was in for, then he asked himself:
“Could there be another man in my house, but how can?, by this time, She must have quietly opened the door for him, No no no not her, Whoever must have quietly opened the door. As he got downstairs to the parlor, at the sight of something his heart skipped a couple of times, it was like his heart was literally stung by a bee and with such pain he almost let out a tear, the thoughts alone of having zero expectation of such an act from her and it being vandalized in just a heart beat compared to the several heartbeats it took for them to fall in love could make a man go demented, but at that moment he had to man up. What he saw was a bit of a proof his suspicions could be right.
He saw a man’s wears dispersed everywhere in the parlor, But he didn’t bother to get closer to further decipher who the person could be, if he was to catch whoever it must red-handed. He continued the atrocious journey to finding out the perceived illicit activity going on under his nose and roof. His heart beat increased rapidly at every step he took towards the scene, you could tell, he refused to accept what he thought was clearly the truth. Finally he got to the NEXT DOOR not far from the parlor’s, it was obvious the moaning was coming through from the door, “This is it”, He said to himself, taking two very deep breathe, hmmm.. he exhaled after being stunned to realise it was the door of their guest restroom. It was time to let the cat out… On 3, he childishly told himself, then he counted 1, …..2,……..3 BANG!,  He hit the door so hard it opened at his first hit, Immediately she adjusted in fear, but stunned again he was to see no man in there with her, but the man’s wear he saw dispersed all over the parlor, “who does it belong to?” he interrogated himself…he then recalled..
“OH! due to his state of mind at that moment he had forgotten he came back very late from work that night, he pulled off his cloth there in the parlor, so they were my clothes..he said almost silently, then he came back from memory lane feeling a little relieved that his suspicion could be wrong, she’s not cheating after all. As he was about to ask what she was doing, why she’s always awake by this time?
His attention was called by her phone, He heard a male’s voice “Baby are you there?, the male said, then he noticed how tightly she held her phone.. He furiously commanded she gave him her phone and without waiting for a response he snatched the phone from her roughly,
Looked at it then saw a naked male on the bed, at the sight of the nudity he threw her phone away careless of the fact it could break. Eventually everything is now clear and evident that she has been having an online affair with someone else, video sex. He was so disappointed, speechless he stood, like broken pieces of glass, He didn’t know what to do, she could read how disappointed he was at a glance at his poor, hapless face, then she wept so lugubriously, earnestly pleading for forgiveness, he wasn’t sure if he should present his forgiveness to such a heartless cheat, Meanwhile, it was past 1am past the time she usually comes back to bed, and a little past the time he leaves bed. It didn’t take long, They heard a well planned knocking pattern on their door.. Oh shit!! lover, said to himself, hugged by a sudden fear, no no no…He staunchly stared at her, looking very suspicous and praying she doesn’t make a move till his lover goes away but otherwise was the case, out of curiousity she walked towards the door to know who was there.. then she heard “My love!, Hun, Hun.. are you there already.. I have been waiting for you love, are you stil coming over?, I really want you now… Behold it was the voice of their neighbour living NEXT DOOR, from a distance she looked then said to him “you arent such a saint afterall”… Silence saturated the place. “NEXT DOOR AFFAIR”—THE END.