QUBES SPORTS: Real Madrid bounce back, win Bayern Munich 2-1

Spanish side, Real Madrid has once again proven they are the defending champions of the UEFA Champions League after an impressive comeback at Wednesday first leg Semi-Final tie to win Bayern Munich 2-1 in front of their home fans at the Allianz Arena.

The first half of the encounter was indeed a one sided affair as Bayern Munich took the ball to their opponent-Real Madrid in an offensive manner which led to a superb strike by Chinick who hit the ball with power through a long pass by one of his team mates.

Madrid however responded in the 44th minute through a magnificent volley by Marcelo as a ball came through which leveled things up. Although, that reduced the pressure a bit but it wasn’t much of a difference as Bayern kept pumping in hits from Frank Ribery but all were being parried by Navas.

For most of the minutes in the game, the target man for the Real Madrid team, Christiano Ronaldo was not seen in the game as he was almost not visible throughout the match.

The final strike however came in the second half when Marco Asencio got through pass and took no time before lobbing the ball right beside the Bayern Goalie who tilted the wrong and only threw his hand back towards the ball but could stop it.