QUBES ENT: Cee-c was rude to me when I asked a question during the live interview on #BBNaija –Ebuka

Big Brother Naija 2018 host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, said that controversial housemate, Cee-c insulted him while on the reality show.

Ebuka told BeatFM, that Cee-c claimed he was her role model and wanted to follow his footsteps but changed her mind after he questioned her on the live show.

The host disclosed that Cee-c, insulted him when he asked her a question.

Ebuka said “she slightly insulted me when I asked her about her statement ‘that other housemates were not on her level.’

”Then a few days later, she was taking with Khloe and she said ‘I don”t want him to be my role model anymore.’

”Khloe asked who, she said that one that was asking me questions anyhow.

”I found that offensive that is not a nice thing to say, I was only doing my job.”