EVENT: The Boss Woman Conference

The Boss Woman Conference

By The Boss Woman Conference | #Religious

Sat May 19 2018
From 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location – Pistis Annex, 3 Remi Olowude Street



Why should you come ?

The best things that have happened to me have been enabled by GOD through women.

Meeting the right kind of woman for the next phase of your life, is important.

-Come hear  how women have scaled to the next level .

What inspired them ?

What led to the shifts ?

How did they get to the top?

Some things may be termed as luck , but there  is a principle behind most success stories.

– Most times we think our circumstances have been the worst.  At the conference , you would be seeing how 2 people against all of life’s odds turned the narrative around.

-A major impedement to truly living , is loving oneself and ACCEPTING  ones gifts from God.

In fully ACCEPTING and APPRECIATING the gifts , is the secret to maximising the gifts.

come as you are …

THATS ALL IT MEANS …. come accepting what you’ve been given.

First step towards dominating !!

– The greatest question about life , What was I created for ?

It’s only in knowing , that multiplying . Subduing and  dominating  your sector can be achievable.

– we are praying .. yes DDK

Debola Deji Kurumi ( fire brand ) would be leading prayers for an hour.

– Folabi Nuel is leading us in deep worship.

I tell you that we  must

Meet with God at this conference .

Ok …

asides the side attractions.

Like getting a free Pap smear test done ,

Getting your exact bra measurement , seeing a free dermatologist, and the list is endless.

We would by the help of the Holy Spirit be meeting and leaving armed with spiritual sisters , accountability partners and mentors on the day.