Your passion is Your joy.
Living your dreams and fulfilling purpose in order to achieve your goal in life.
Sometimes we all wonder why we haven’t succeeded ,why our goals ain’t accomplished yet ?
We are fond of talking about success and asking questions like how?, why?, what?, when?, to whom?, by whom?……
The answer basically is understanding your passion.
Passion builds your dreams and builds your understanding to fulfill your purpose, it is a constant drive for you to achieve your goals in life.
A lot of people today are unhappy and they stay that way and grow to care less about anything, this is because they lack passion and satisfaction.
These go hand in hand and without them, happiness is temporary and short termed.
Surveys have shown that men that live their dreams always stay happy and thus have very happy homes. This aura is contagious to the people that are in their immediate environment or better still those that can connect.
It is safe to say passion in some cases is passed unto others either as a function of lifestyle or a society norm or even by phenotype expressions from parents or guardians. Some seem to think passion can be inherited…Well, that depends on your point of view.
Always believe you are meant to live a life full of purpose ,magic, miracles and passion most especially.
Passion can be described as an energy or ‘inner piece’ of you that constantly waits to be harnessed,  noticed, driven, given attention to even though most people often forcefully reject and ignore it. Your passion will always remain within…waiting to be given the opportunity to create genuine happiness for you. It waits to lead you to the ultimate path, that part that brings you profound fulfillment.
Passion is the source of our finest moments, the genuine joy of love, the defining line between hate and love.
Understanding passion hurts sometimes, pain more than we can bear, some try to leave without it but end up empty. For without passion, we will be dead
Find your dream
Find your passion.
Find your purpose
Find your life.

Kitan faleye