BLOG (LAR): *Inevitable feeling*

*Inevitable feeling*

*Inevitable feeling*

Pain in two forms, you get hurt by some sort of physical accident and on the other hand feel hurt emotionally. This is one of the key feelings that needs no permission.

Pain is very uncomfortable that the tiniest amount of it is enough to ruin a total mindset.

Do you agree that talking about Pain is really different from the pain experience?

We can say Pain is an individual experience whereby only the person experiencing the pain can describe it properly. The perception and tolerance of pain vary widely from individual to individual. Physical Pain can be acute, like a bruise or a fractured leg which can leave off after days or a few weeks and also Pain can be chronic like a damaged nerve or a disease in the system which could be re-occurring and lead to mental pain like depression.

Although pain is difficult to define and describe, scholars identified that pain is always a complex, subjective interpretation of our brain based out-flow of information present.

The interpretation happens outside of our consciousness and pain is always a complete output from the brain, not an input to the brain. With the gift of consciousness comes the sense of self; the tendency to think of one’s self. Painful emotions are product of the sense of self.

*Inevitable feeling*

The most important data of your life may not be memory but mental image of an experience containing pain which produce painful emotion in the mind.

Painful emotion vanish in a second like a mist before the sun if the mind is pure, not forgetting that when you put your mind to anything, its possible.

Sometimes, pain can hurt so bad that you feel dead because you’ve been killed inside but yet, you’re still alive which means you can survive.

Pain is a vital component to our survival and study has revealed that a part of our mind (i.e the reactive mind) is constructed only to attend to our pain so as to equip us with survival techniques.

Is it possible not to feel pain?

It’s impossible not to feel pain. Instead of defending ourselves from pain, we accept it, knowing that if we receive it honorably, it become a source of learning and growth in life..

  • “Deep in me pain is unforeseen,very unfair and wicked. What I shouldn’t feel,this is d last emotion to peel, am sure u wont be able to peep , here is a tip of how I digest the feeling…..mentally derailed and emotionally lost, I can’t find myself in the midst of this storm..
  • Even my scream is silent,yet noisy expression is lost and so everything has comes to an end..i cant find myself anywhere,even when I was everywhere, it was like my body was never mine,even my shadow doesn’t reflect the same, these are the words from my ‘PAIN.’ “

So identifying that pain is a norm !

Find a place inside your life where there’s always  joy and the flame of joy will burn out the pain always……

By Kitan Faleye.