BLOG: Are Nigerians right for their preference for Toyota brand of vehicles?

 Emmanuel Oyebade

  • Are Nigerians right fotheir preference for Toyota brand of vehicles?

Nigerians, generally rank high in the world for having inordinate desire for technologies. Most of the world leading technologies seem to have a large market base in Nigeria owing to the interest expressed by most Nigerian citizens for new products and innovations in the world market.

Althoughthere may be varying reasons for a preferred brand of a product in the market, say, cars for instance, but something seem to be responsible for the preference most Nigerians share for Toyota brand when it comes to automobiles.

The Nigerian roads, be it as it wereseem to be a fertile ground for Toyota products; some people have said that, perhaps, the brands churned out by Toyota are probably overrated as most car users prefer Toyota products to other brands of vehicles in the market.

Wellone cannot be wrong to think that there must be reasons why most road users in Nigeria prefer the Toyota brand to other brandsand of course, these reasons may as well, vary from person to person, company to company, as well as, government agenciesSome researches show that few of the reasons responsible for the preference for Toyota brand in the Nigeriamarket could include among other things:

  • Most Nigerians like the try and error means of solving problems and Toyota seem to be free maintenance vehicle. That is, it is easily repaired even without mechanical experienceone can easily solve some minor problemsthis may be one of the major reasons Nigerians would rather go for Toyota than any other brand.
  • Another important reason that has been repeatedly noted overtime to be responsible for high subscription to this brand of vehicle is;owing to the fact that the brand in most cases are easily maintained in terms of cost. Toyota brands are well known for their cost effectiveness.
  • Also, some vehicle brands may need foreign importation of spare parts to have some developed faults solved, but with Toyota, the parts are easily accessed in the market. No car user wants to be given the condition of having to import parts of his car to keep his vehicle running.
  • It is important to note that, just like any other brands, Toyota over time has been known for its many varieties. It has Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), BusesPickupsSedanMiniBuses etc. with which the brand has satisfied its numerous customers and teeming prospectus customers, which in turn has made it survive the trends in the contemporary space.

In addition, Toyota being brand that moves fast in the market, its users feel comfortably safe to sell older models and purchase new ones since the market for it seems faster than most other brands of vehicles.

Going by the technology in Toyota vehiclesit is less complex and simple to handle for its usersMost users of cars in Nigeria are not used to reading users’ manuals before taking charge of their automobiles; they mostly apply prior knowledge which in most cases makes them under utilize their cars. So, Toyota seems to provide less complicated tech for users that are less technologysavvy.

Toyota users have testified thatToyota engines are more durable than most other brands. To use a car and not have to constantly patronize mechanics will be the dream of any car user, and most Toyota car users seem to have this advantage as their engines are very durable.

For instance, report by Vanguard newspaper reveals that technicians, as well as, automobile engineers believe the points stated above

According to the report, one Mr. Rasheed Abiodun, an Ikeja based auto technician said that Toyota models stand out among others for many reasons. Which he stated few as simple technology which makes them easy to repair, availability of spare parts and durability of the engines.

Abiodun made it clear that, Toyota vehicles outlive other models and as a Toyota technician, you are rest assured of getting business because many customers like Toyota. 

He said, “In short, I can tell you that half of the vehicles on the road today are Toyota cars, and even a half baked technician can fix any of the models.

This among other things may be responsible for the reason most Nigerians prefer Toyota brands to other brands of vehicles.

Conclusively, howeverthere is no gainsaying that, Toyota brands offers some advantages that most other brands don’t offer their customerslittle wonder why there are many more customers who are on a daily basis subscribing to these brands.

By Emmanuel Oyebade