NEWS: ‘Here in Ekiti, Anti-Grazing Law stays’ – Fayose boasts

Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has boasted that no matter what the Federal government of Nigeria does, the anti-grazing law stays in Ekiti, but advised the Buhari led administration to look in the right direction to end the incessant killings in the country instead of trying to suspend anti-grazing law.

‘Here in Ekiti, Anti-Grazing Law stays’ – Fayose boasts

This reaction is following the consideration by the Federal Government to suspend the anti-open grazing law passed by the some states over incessant killings.

The anti-grazing law was said to be part of the discussion at the security council meeting President Muhammadu Buhari had on Tuesday with all the service chiefs in attendance.

The anti-grazing law is already operational in Benue, Ekiti and Taraba states. In Ekiti State, the law, signed by Governor Ayo Fayose in 2016 prohibits open-grazing between 6pm and 7am.

However, Fayose in his reaction said, “January this year, the Minister of Defense blamed passage of anti-grazing law in some states as the cause of killings by herdsmen. Today, he is still singing the same song. Is there something to this old system of nomadic cattle rearing that they are not telling Nigerians?

“Why is Buhari not rearing his cows through open grazing? Why is it so difficult for the FG to support cattle ranching?

“Here in Ekiti, the Anti Open Grazing law stays. It is the Presidency that should stop looking the other way while herdsmen go about killing Nigerians.

“Methinks the Presidency should be concerned about how to take the herdsmen out of the bush and give them decent life by embracing cattle ranching.

“How can anyone be pleased subjecting his own people to a life of following cows through the bush from Yobe to Lagos?

“And our President will open his mouth today and say that Nigeria is safe and secure? I doubt if the President reads newspapers,” Fayose tweeted.