ENT: The interview with Ras Kimono before he passed on

Ras Kimono

  • The interview with Ras Kimono before he passed on

The interview with the late Nigeria’s legendary reggae singers, Ras Kimono, revealed that he had said that 2018 would be his best year as he was prepared to maximize the year going by a rough previous year he had.

The interview which he had few weeks to his death, revealed that the reggae star had high hopes for this year unknown to him that God had other plans for him.

“This year has been a very wonderful year for me and I know it would be a lovely year for me. Last year was a bit tough but this year would be the best year I have ever had.

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“Last year, I released two songs, ‘Senseless Killing’ and ‘Blessed Africa’ but if you do not shoot a video, people would not know that you have new music on the airwaves. I plan to shoot the video. People also believe that compact disc does not sell again but I am from the old school and I believe that it would sell.

“My major concern for the music industry is still what I have been shouting about for a long while and it is the condition of artistes in this country. The government is not giving us our due recognition.”

The late reggae maestro explained that youths prefer to sing about the ills in the society nowadays in order to make money. “Reggae music is too hot for the youths to handle because we speak the truth and we speak about the ills in the society.

“The youths are afraid to sing about the truth because the government would make sure that the song is banned, the police would hunt the person and politicians would shun them. Everybody wants to live in highbrow areas like Lekki and Banana Island and if you speak the truth, you would not live in mansions because you would not have enough money to live there.

“So, you have to sing about bum bum, gangsterism, sex and all the negativity in the society. That is why people feel reggae is not making an impact; reggae deals with truth and the rights of the people.

“I always tell people I am the last man standing. I can face any government and say whatever I have to say because I do not fear anyone except God. Besides, most people who are ruling today are my age mates.

“That was why Fela could abuse Obasanjo, Buhari and the like. Apart from Buhari, I am either the same age or older than the other politicians, so when they do evil, I can speak about it and tongue lash them very well. They cannot kill me. I do not regret sticking to reggae music,” he said.


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