Drama as woman mysteriously landed in police officer’s compound

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Drama as woman mysteriously landed in police officer’s compound

A 52-year-old housewife, Mrs. Patience Amuko in Sapele, Delta State was reportedly found mysteriously in a police officer compound after which attempt was made to lynch her as angry mob claimed she is a witch.

The police officer, Mercy Benson, explained that the strange episode played out when she found the woman at the back of her courtyard during the wee hours, confessing to being a witch.

According to reports, the courtyard can only be accessed through the police officer’s sitting room which at about 5.10am when the incident reportedly happened was still locked. The police woman, shocked to see the woman, reportedly alerted the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Ekong Bassey, who then took the intruder to the Sapele main station not far from the scene of the incident.

The visibly-troubled woman, who claimed to be a witch, reportedly confessed that she was on her way back from a mission in Benin City in Edo State, when she suddenly found herself in the courtyard.

Meanwhile, the DPO, Bassey said: “Mercy said she heard a sound as if something fell and when she came out, she was shocked to find this woman at the back of her house which is a courtyard, only through the main room you can get to the back of the house that was highly fenced; she then raised the alarm before calling me, the DPO, and I then took the lady to the station”.

However, one Bridget Amuko, supposed daughter of the woman said, “My mother is not a witch, they wanted to kill her, she is mentally ill, and has been sick even before, we were born. We heard the shout and neighbours moved into the place; thank God the Police DPO came to her rescue. She is not a witch!”