Ent : I was once hospitalised for taking part in a movie crime scene – Nollywood star

Mosun Adeleye

I was once hospitalised for taking part in a movie crime scene – Nollywood star

Popular Nollywood actress, Mosun Adeleye, has revealed that indeed the rigours involved in film production can be overwhelming at times as disclosed that she has been hospitalised for five days before after shooting a movie scene.

The movie star described how constant repetition of some movie scenes for the sake of perfection triggered her illness which later made her incapacitated her for days.

She said, “There was a day I wasn’t feeling fine and we are shooting a crime story. It triggered my illness because it was so stressful that and we had to repeat some scenes more than six times. You could imagine someone that is not feeling fine and managed to complete that job.

“Since then I made a promise to myself that I will never partake in any crime story because, after the production, I was on admission for five days.”

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Adeleye, who is currently producing a movie titled Onise, noted that the movie was based on a true-life story about family planning.

“Onise is a true life story. It is about educating teenagers and married women about family planning because nowadays some young women make use of family planning pills to prevent pregnancy. This is a movie that got the approval of the Ogun State Ministry of Health,” she said, adding that she also secured the support of an elder brother of the Governor of Ogun State, Alhaji Adiboye Amosun.