News : Man narrates how his wife became a burglar


Man narrates how his wife became a burglar

An Ibadan-based business man, Olatunde Akintunde who deals in computer operation, has narrated how his wife suddenly started breaking into his locked shop to steal his computers as well as printer.

Akintunde gave the narration on Tuesday when he consented to the divorce suit filed by his wife, Dasola after she allegedly claimed he constantly beats her and that he had recently smashed her forehead with bucket.

Meanwhile, Olatunde in his argument stated that his wife, “Dasola added nothing to the business I established for her as I was solely responsible for every item.

“When I abandoned my initial business, I decided to establish a computer centre in Ibadan.

“I then invited Dasola to join me after she had learnt computer operation.

“One day when I was away, she broke into the lock-up shop to steal the computers.

“Furthermore, Dasola’s mother never gave our marriage a breathing space because she kept telling her to leave me.

“Even when she gave birth, Dasola’s mother once took her away, abandoning the four month-old child to me for many hours.

“Sometimes, her mother doesn’t allow her to spend Christmas with me.

“If I dare complain, both of them would challenge my authority and even fight me.

“In fact, she had left for a whole year before although I still reluctantly accommodated her,” Olatunde stated.

On the contrary however, his wife, Dasola in her petition submitted that her husband had often beaten her.

“My lord, whenever Olatunde wants to beat me, he locks the door to give me the beating of my life.

“He smashed a bucket on my forehead in the last incident.

“Olatunde’s younger brother even wanted to be sleeping with me and when I reported this to him, he threatened to send me packing.

“Aside this, Olatunde doesn’t want to see my mother and he is disrespectful to my relatives.

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“Worst still, some of my belongings such as clothing, kitchen utensils, computer sets and few other things are still in his custody.

“I am frustrated with living with Olatunde, please separate us,” Dasola had said.

The Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, however asked both parties to furnish the court with the evidence that the items in question belonged to either of them.

Odunade then adjourned the case till Sept. 26 for judgment.