FASHION : Amnas Closet shows us how to nail modest workwear


Amnas Closet shows us how to nail modest workwear

Modest wear does not have to limiting and emerging label Amnas Closet shows us how workwear can be modest and chic.Modest womenswear brand Amnas launches a new work wear capsule inspired by the Baobab tree. Amnas Closet shows us how to nail modest workwear whilst still looking stylish and elegant.Baobab tree is found mainly in Africa, it grows nearly 100 feet tall and has a strong exterior with a fire resistant bark.
The tree can withstand the driest droughts and yet still manages to bear edible fruits. The baobab tree is symbolic of the Amnas woman: strong, resilient and grounded

This work wear capsule is designed for such a woman who can withstand the toughest climate without losing her essence as a woman. The capsule also serves as an exploration of Amnas’ root as an evolving IT brand for millenials, whose core and traditions may be familiar, but the results are surprising.


The capsule’s nude palettes and tailored power dresses resonate with the brand’s desire to offer versatile options for today’s evolving modest woman.





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