5 Secrets Your Wedding Party Wouldn’t Tell You

Wedding party

It’s your wedding so you think you know everything about it, but really, your wedding party keeps some secrets from you. There are reasons: most times, these people know it’s so important to you and would not want to mess it up with what they think. Other times, they just won’t tell you what they think so as not to hurt your feelings, even if you’re wrong.


You’re being too bossy

You may need to tone down all of that energy! They are your guests and your friends, not your play things. So try not to boss them around with telling them how to walk, when to sit, how to sit. Also, they really do not appreciate your manner of taxing them for money, especially all the expensive asoebi. You need to be a little gentler and more understanding about it. Your wedding is important, but their lives don’t revolve around it.

Anything but one more talk about your wedding

You’re excited. They get it. However, it becomes really annoying when that’s what you talk about all day long. Then, when you’re having normal conversations, you bring issues related to your wedding as examples. Even though it’s going to be a special occasion, make sure you check on your bridesmaids and know what they are up to and what’s happening in their lives as well.


Your bridesmaids really don’t like the color you chose

That peach bridal satin or the dull brown linen fabric is making them gag, and on top of it you want everyone to dress in the same style. You may not be aware that one of your friends is not comfortable in a tube. However, because they don’t want you to be upset, they would go the extra mile. Sincerely invite their thoughts and welcome their ideas. It’s best to make sure you choose a color that works for almost everyone and let people choose the style they would like to have.

They don’t want to pay for extra untold costs

This is especially when you have guests coming from far distances. They usually have paid expensive flight tickets and are there with gifts. They would not appreciate if at the wedding, you bombard them with more expenses or they have to pay for everything including their transport. You will have to compensate them a little for all their efforts.


You’re getting paranoid

Sometimes, without knowing, you’re freaking out over the tiniest things. For instance, you noticed a cobweb in the tiniest corner of the hall and you think there will be an infestation on your wedding. Or some flowers didn’t make it. Big deal. No one will even notice. It is at times like this that you put yourself in check and try to control your emotions. There’s really not so much your loved ones can do for you if you’re not helping yourself.


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