Showing Your Cleavage in Your Wedding Dress: Yes Or No

Cleavage in Your Wedding Dress

We’re all familiar with the term but as a reminder, the cleavage or Décolletage is the top of a woman’s breasts that shows when she wears a low cut top or dress. Wedding dresses come with different necklines and some show cleavage. To be sure, no one really has the right to categorically say what’s a Yes or a No. We all have different tastes, preferences and style in everyday dress, so no one should dictate for someone else whether or not to show cleavage in their wedding dress.

There are many things that influence a woman’s choice of neckline: background, culture, beliefs, her partner, the venue, environment and so on.

Some women feel sexy in a plunging neckline and want that look for a day that’s all about them. Some just fell in love with a wedding dress that happened to have a lower neckline.

Others prefer to cover up because it’s more agreeable, they’ll feel more comfortable, or they want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

If you want a wedding dress with a cleavage, go for it. Just make sure you follow these tips to stay looking classy:

  1. Determine what is tasteful and what is too much and draw a line. Your judgment may not the same as your parents/parents-in-law’s judgment.  If they’ll be embarrassed by the dress, is it worth wearing?
  2. Some of your dear guests might feel downright uncomfortable or offended especially if the wedding is taking place in a religious setup. How about a compromise- could you wear a cover-up for the ceremony and take it off later at the reception?
  3. If it’s so low cut that you’re in danger of a nip slip, say no to the dress honey. There will be many cameras to catch your feeders as they fall out of your dress.
  4. Keep everywhere else covered and you’ll look regal. Exposing cleavage, thigh and back is overkill on your wedding day. The fashion gods have deemed it a cheap look.


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