How to Reduce Costs for Your Wedding Guests


It’s never easy to have your dream wedding. For many people, it is downright impossible. However you can count on one thing to make it a beautiful occasion- the people who will come through for you. Isn’t it only fair then, to make it easier for them to attend and have a good time without racking up expenses?  You do not want half your guests to be upset with you or not come to your wedding at all because of finances.


Avoid Unnecessary Bills

If you have guests coming from afar to grace your wedding, do not chase them away with unnecessary bills. Can you cover their accommodation? Many hotels are willing to give big discounts when you’re bringing a lot of guests. Remember they are in charge of their own travel costs, wedding outfits, gifts for you and so on. They have already contributed in some way. Don’t make demands e.g. on the type of gift you want. They have a life and real expenses outside your wedding.

Cut the Aso-ebi costs or cut it off completely

Aso-ebi  is great but it becomes a problem when the prices are too expensive. Why not choose something that people will not struggle to afford? If this cannot happen, why not do without asoebi completely? It is understandable that some couples want to get returns from the cost of the wedding ceremony through aso-ebi, but that is quite risky.  Your guests may decide to not buy from you and you could end up losing the money you spent on the fabric.

Have a simple wedding

It saves you and your guests a lot of money. Simple weddings mean your guests won’t be expecting the stars. They will relax, let their hair down and have the time of their lives. If well organized under a budget, everyone will swear it was the best wedding ever.


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