Winners chapel Bishop Oyedepo reveals sponsors of killer herdsmen

Bishop David Oyedepo

Winners chapel Bishop Oyedepo reveals sponsors of killer herdsmen

On Sunday, at the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) in Ogun State, The Bishop, David Oyedepo stated that the inability of the government to arrest killer herdsmen  was because the killers were agents of the government.

Speaking at the Church’s Sunday Service titled ‘Covenant Day of Settlement and Thanksgiving, 

Bishop Oyedepo said: “Help me ask them how many mosques have been destroyed by these people? You can also ask them how many of those who have destroyed the church has ever been caught? How many of the destroyed churches has government ever added a dime to rebuild?

“I have said it, let us remove the mask from the masquerade and nobody will fear it anymore. Government is part of this thing; you don’t need to go to school to know that.

“If people claimed responsibilities to the killings in Jos and were not arrested, the question is who is to arrest them? Is it the citizens or government? It’s the government, but they cannot arrest them because they are their agents.”

“Too many arrogant foes who pose to own this nation, be warned because the day of God’s judgement is here.

“Those who sponsor and perpetrate killings and also offer covering for killers to keep killing, God will lead them to rest. God will give us peace in this country by all means.

“God enthrones kings and removes kings,” he added

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