How to End a Relationship Peacefully


How to End a Relationship Peacefully

Ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do. But, there are times when it is the best thing to do, even when it is hard to let go.

If you have to break up with someone, it doesn’t have to end in bad blood. There are ways to minimise the damage to each other’s emotions and preserve respect and dignity for everyone involved.

Here are tips on how to end a relationship peacefully:


 Prepare what you will say

Ensure you prepare what to say. This will prevent you from sounding insensitive. Don’t be abusive, harsh or blaming. Choose your words carefully in order not to hurt the person, but don’t be vague. State precisely that the relationship is over for good.


Don’t give room for debate or argument

Once you are convinced that it is time to let go of the person and move on with your life then you should never give room for debate.

This is not the time for analysis and fault-finding.  Why prolong the inevitable and say hurtful things to each other? Most importantly, if you are not firm with your decision, the other party might try to convince not to end the relationship. If it will help, have a friend wait for you somewhere near. Give them a time limit to come find you if it is taking too long.


Use positive words

Just because you don’t want to continue the relationship any longer does not mean you have to use negative words to qualify your ex. Use kind words to complement your ex. At least there should be something nice you liked about them. Say it so your ex feels better. It costs you nothing.

Use a public place

Please don’t go to an enclosed place to end a relationship. You may be cajoled into something else you will regret doing. Ensure you go to a public place so you both see clearly and not get carried away. However, it shouldn’t be crowded or have closely packed seats to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to your discussion.


Do not break up under the influence of alcohol

Ensure you have a clear head and you are in full control of your body and mind. Using alcohol before a breakup is a bad idea. So many things can go wrong; alcohol will lower your inhibitions, make you say or do inappropriate things, and generally makes you look like a jerk.

Keep your wits about you. You can do this and you’ll come out of it happier and at peace.


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