Wedding Party Drama: How to Manage a Band and a DJ

Wedding party drama

For a lot of Nigerian weddings, you will have the opportunity to do almost everything you want including getting a live band and a DJ at the same time.  However, there is always the downside to getting both. For instance, your DJ may think your band’s library is out of date or that he can provide better sound quality. Your band may think your DJ is just a show-off with his gadgets and effects. Here comes the drama and one party trying to overshadow the other. If you would rather be the focus of the reception, here are some tips that can help:

Give a Time Frame

Since you and your spouse would be busy enjoying the moment, it’s best to entrust this to an efficient person who will make sure that this happens. So, you can give a start and stop time for your band and DJ.  For instance, you could ask that your DJ play for 1 hour and then the band play for another hour or you make the band play first before the DJ. Remember it’s your wedding, so this means doing anything that rocks your boat!


photo: @djtohbahd

Work Out Your Playlists

This means knowing the number and the type of songs to expect from your DJ and your band individually. They should be working different genres so there’s no room for grandstanding. They’ll each know where to come in and will work within their assigned areas.

Avoid unnecessary requests from anyone

Quite a lot of times, wedding guests would ask the band or the DJ to play something for a particular mood. Make sure that you have someone who is in charge of the DJ and the Band so they can politely tell any guest that they cannot make any requests.