How to Avoid Being Late to Your Wedding


Quite a lot of brides turn up late for their wedding. It’s never intentional and most times, it’s avoidable. Following these tips below will make sure you get to your wedding early.

 Hire a wedding planner

A planner can save you a whole lot of stress by ensuring everything goes on smoothly as planned. A planner will help you handle those things that may keep you worried, and ensure things are done orderly to prevent rush.


Ensure you sleep early

It is the eve of your wedding and you might be feeling anxious. All your guests have arrived; your wedding party and friends probably in the same hotel as you.

All these may pose an obstacle to sleeping early but you have to find a way around it. Sleeping early means you’ll be up early. Tell everyone your schedule way in advance and when it’s bedtime, go to bed!


Have your makeup artist on standby

Ensure you tell your makeup artist to come in very early or have them sleep over at the hotel so that in the morning there’s no wait time and no rush.

Ensure that only few people have access to your room

You don’t need everyone in your room. Too many people can cause distraction and confusion for you. Allow only a few people that are close to you to have access to your room. Anyone that wants to see you can do so when they get to the church or reception.


Transportation should be in place

Another thing that can cause delay is transportation. Ensure all these are well sorted out before the big day. Delegate someone that you trust to be in charge of this.


Start early

Whatever you need to do should be done early in order to prevent any rush. Your hairstylist, makeup artist, videographer and photographer should all start early.



Anxiety won’t do you well on your big day. It will even make you forget some important things and probably get to your wedding venue late. So try as much as possible to relax.

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