How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby shower

It’s such great news to know that a baby is on the way. If you’re planning a baby shower, there are a few important things to do to make it a success.

Gather Round! 

Planning a baby shower cannot come from you alone. So, gather together friends, friendly workmates and loved ones of the mom-to-be, and get them to share ideas and roles. With all these people who know her from different angles, you’ll have a lot of info on how to make it an awesome baby shower for her. Take all of these ideas and work on the ones agreed.

Surprise the expectant mother

One of the best people to make a surprise work is her spouse/partner. After winning him to your side, find a time that works for everyone and set a date. Surprising the mother-to-be makes it even more fun.

Plan the baby gifts

The mother-to-be is definitely going to get a lot of clothes as gifts for the baby. Think about something different. How about a baby carrier for picnics, a car seat or a cot for the baby? Another option is a travel baby bed; perfect for the beach amongst other things. Having a perfect baby shower is making sure you’re not getting anything too cliché or too general. Make it as unique as possible!

Get gifts for the mother too

The expectant mum is also as important as the baby. Quite a lot of times, people tend to forget about the mother when buying gifts. When planning a perfect baby shower, get the mother gifts as well. Again, remember it should be as unique as possible not forgetting that it should be something she needs or will need. So you can include workout clothes if she’s fitfam, a goal dress, a month-long spa treatment, restaurant vouchers for a date with her husband, hair styling paid for, etc.

Make the expectant mother feel special 

Pregnancy can be overwhelming. Don’t forget to give her time to talk and be in her feelings. Add some services as gifts, e.g. getting her a yoga teacher. If you’re successful at making all of this possible, then, you surely have made a soon-to-be mother the happiest person on earth.


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