2019 Prophecy: MFM Pastor Olukoya warns youth against sexual perversion

2019 Prophecy: MFM Pastor Olukoya

2019 Prophecy: MFM Pastor Olukoya warns youth against sexual perversion

The Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) Dr Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer, International has warned youths to abstain from all forms of sexual perversion in the new year 2019.

He said God had bombarded the year with sanitising Angels to punish those found engaged in sexual pervasive act such as fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.

“The sanitising angels will begin to give dead blows to those who engage in all forms of sexual perversion, be it adultery, fornication or whatever forms of it.

“If you know you are a youth and have been engaging in such, you must stay away now because the angels will give you a dead blow and there would be no mercy,” he said.

The General overseer described 2019 as a year characterised with weirdness that must be confronted with strange prayers.

“2019 is a year characterised with weirdness and anyone who wants to confront a strange year must pray strange prayers.

“When you pray such prayers and anyone doesn’t like it, don’t worry, continue as long as you are getting results,” he said.

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Olukoya advised those who are trying to get rich satanically to desist, as they would be made to face ready-made destruction.

According to him, several shocking secrets will be revealed in the New Year.

He emphasized that spiritual development was a necessity and not a luxury for anyone who wishes to change his or her level and fulfill destiny in 2019.

“Living a sacrificial life will lead to a net breakthrough, believing and walking in God will yield good dividend as men of faith will do exploit,” he said.

The cleric called for continuous prayer for Nigeria, adding that it was easy to identify a problem but hard to proffer a solution.

Olukoya, however, tagged 2019 as a year of supernatural ease and double honor for members of the ministry.